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Python vs. R vs. SAS – which tool should I learn for Data Science?


• The long-running debate of R vs SAS has now been joined by Python.

• Each of R, SAS and Python have their pros and cons and can be compared over criteria like cost, job scenario and support for the different machine learning algorithms.

• You can also choose any of the three tools depending on which stage of your Data Science career you are in


I am sparking something similar here. SAS vs. R has probably been the biggest debate the data science industry might have witnessed. Python is one of the fastest growing languages now and has come a long way since its inception. The reason for me to start this discussion is not to watch it explode (that would be fun as well though). I know that we all will benefit from the discussion.

Probably yes! But I still feel the need for discussion for following reasons:

• The data science industry is very dynamic. Any comparison which was done 2 years ago might not be relevant anymore.

• Traditionally Python has been left out of the comparison. I think it is more than just a worthy consideration now.

• While I’ll discuss global trends about the languages, I’ll add specific information with regards to Indian analytics industry (which is at a different level of evolution)

So, without any further delay, let the combat begin!

Will start our discussion on 22nd February 1800 hrs IST.

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